One of the major objectives of The MMA Experience is to try and help remove some of the natural fear and apprehension of attending a Mixed Martial Arts gym. We do everything we can to make this experience as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. If you've ever wanted to get involved in MMA then this is the perfect way to get started. Read our FAQ below where we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Pick a date! We have dates throughout the year for our MMA Experience days, usually on a Sunday. As long as there is one that suits you then you can simply register for a place and use the ticket for any upcoming date.
  2. Register for the course. Just go to the Buy Now page and you’ll be given choices to either pay a £15 deposit to secure your place or to pay up front and save £5 off the total cost.
  3. Confirmation. Once you’ve registered we’ll send you confirmation of your reservation and allow you to choose the day that you would like to attend. We’ll also send you more details on the exact running of the day and what to expect.

How Long Is The Course?

The 1 day course begins at 9:30am and finishes at 5pm. The course is broken down into 4 sessions with a different focus for each session and a break in between. It is a long day but much of it takes you slowly through very technical elements so you don't need to be super fit to complete the course. 

What Will I Learn?

The course is designed to teach you the fundamental techniques and concepts of Mixed Martial Arts so you will cover a lot of content on the course. You will be learning striking skills like punching and kicking, and grappling skills like wrestling and submissions but it's all done at a pace and a level that is perfect for beginners. By the end of the course you should really start to understand the core concepts of MMA and you will have learned some incredible skills.

How Much Is The Course?

The total course fee is £65 which covers all the training, insurance and a certificate upon completion. You can either pay an initial deposit upon registration of just £15 and then a £50 balance on the day of the course or you can save £5 when you pay for the whole course up front so that it will cost just £60.

We also have an amazing deal for anyone who completes the one day course where you can continue to train as many times as you like for the rest of the month for just £25!

What Happens After the Course?

Once you've completed The MMA Experience you can continue to train at TRIBE One Gym by taking out a membership and joining in with any of the MMA classes that run at the gym throughout the week. We have an entire floor at our facility dedicated to these classes and there are more than 20 sessions that we run each week for all ages and abilities. We have an amazing deal for anyone who completes The MMA Experience where if you want to continue training we will give you over £100 off an unlimited training membership for a whole month!

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

No, everything you need to get through The MMA Experience we have for you at the gym so it's very easy to just turn up and get started. Once you've fallen in love with your training we have equipment at the gym that you can purchase if you want to continue training longer term.

Where Are You Based?

The MMA Experience is hosted at our full time facility at TRIBE One Gym in Feltham, Middlesex close to Heathrow Airport. The M3 and M4 motorways are very close by and we're only 5 mins walk from Feltham train station. Our postcode is TW13 7LT.

I've Never Done Anything Like This,Will I Be oK?

Yes! The MMA Experience is designed specifically for anyone who is just starting out. You don't need to be fit and you don't need to have any previous experience. You'll see a wide variety of people on The MMA Experience and our coaches are experts at helping you get through the day safely. The MMA Experience and the entire gym have a great atmosphere and a very positive vibe, you will be OK! 

Lee Aylett
Head MMA Coach

A Message From The Coach

We know that taking the opportunity to do something like the MMA Experience is not always easy, but if you can just take the leap and push yourself to do sign up for one of our days then we promise that you won't regret it! Everyone who does this course always loves it, it's challenging, educational, inspirational and a lot of fun!

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you will love the MMA Experience that we offer a 'no questions asked' money back guarantee!

If for any reason you don't absolutely love the course after you have completed the morning session then you can simply walk away with a full refund. We've never had anyone take us up on this offer yet but we want you to have peace of mind that you've got nothing to lose by giving it a go.

What Our Customers Say

The MMA Experience is hosted at TRIBE One Gym in Feltham, Middlesex close to Heathrow Airport. TRIBE One Gym has been established for over 5 years at its current location. TRIBE One specialises in providing high quality Strength & Conditioning training and Mixed Martial Arts training . The MMA Coaching is provided by PRO MAI, a Martial Arts organisation that was founded over 30 years ago and have provided MMA training to literally thousands of students over the years.

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